Task Groups & Staff

Good morning everyone,

Just wanted you to know that I’ve done some rearranging of the Task Groups and that three now exist:

Task Group Alpha – Horuuilis Expanse Units (2394)
Task Group Echo – Non-Horuuilis Units (2394)
Task Group Infinity –  Non-Canon/Non-Trek Units

In addition, we are in open recruitment for the following Staff Positions:

Operations Officer –  Assists in managing day-to-day operations of the Task Force including database, website, and community operations.

Public Affairs Officer –  Assists in recruitment operations, member retention, and social media management.

As always we are also searching for Commanding Officers for new sims and existing sims to join us!  If you’re interested in a command or staff position please contact the TFCO via Discord, email, or the contact form.

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