First Monthly Address

Thanks for taking the time to look at the very first monthly address to the Task Force from the Command and Staff. Things have been developing slowly since we made the transition from SPC Simms to Task Force 39 but I like to think overall it’s been successful. We’ve added multiple new sims, we now offer two chat sims, we offer a non-trek sim, we’ve converted an affiliate to a full member sim, and all of these new things are active or just becoming active.

These monthly addresses will be coming from each member of the Command and Staff giving an overview of what they’ve accomplished during the previous month as well as their goals for the next. Commanding Officers and Affiliate Leaders are more than welcome to submit information to the monthly report though this is completely optional.

Task Force Commanding Officer

An Introduction
VADM Brianna Avery, Task Force Commander

For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, I’m Stephen, and I’ve been the owner and administrator of SPC Simms for probably around ten years or so.  SPC Simms has held many versions from being a sim hosting service, just a spot for me to host my own sims, and most recently an active collaborative writing group with multiple sims that have been around for nearly three years. Now in Task Force 39, I will be serving in the role of Task Force Commander using my longtime character, Vice Admiral Brianna Avery. Outside of Task Force 39 and writing, in general, I’m the father of two sons and I work in Emergency Medical Services. I am very proud to say that I have the privilege of working with all of the members of this group and I can’t wait to see where our new transition brings us in the future.

Status Report

The transition from SPC Simms to Task Force 39 has been a super busy time for me both within the organization and within my personal life so I do appreciate everyone’s patience as we slowly make headway in everything that we need to do.  So what exactly have we accomplished since launching Task Force 39?

  • Launched the new TF39 Website
  • Launched the USS Healy
  • Launched Ethelred (Discord Alien Sim)
  • Kepler Station became a full member sim.
  • Launched the USS Guidon (Discord Sim, Not yet posted on the website but some writing has begun for more info check the Discord Server)
  • Created and posted the new Task Force rules and policies.
  • First Database article is available on the website.

During the month of March the Office of the TFCO has the following goals:

  • Update and establish the Task Force Awards System
  • Issue awards to member profiles that have been awarded prior to the start of TF39.
  • Recruitment of Task Force Staff and Commanding Officers
  • Starfleet Career and Rank information posted to the Database
  • Official Launch of Task Force 39 Fictions

Task Force Command Master Chief

Introduction to the CMC

Our Command Master Chief for the Taskforce is Aaron, better known as Master Chief Garis. Aaron comes to us with a wealth of simming experience going back almost 15 years now. His experience ranges from Star Trek to Harry Potter and member to Fleet Commanding Officer. Outside of his time online, Aaron serves on the board of directors for a suicide prevention nonprofit. His current career is in retail management, but that is an ever-changing title. Maybe one day he will become a space explorer.

What does the CMC do?

The Command Master Chief (TFCMC) is the chief advisor to the TFCO on all matters of morale and welfare of the Task Force. The CMC is responsible for assisting in developing all rules and policies within the task force and advising the command and staff on all matters. The CMC shall maintain an open door policy with all members of the group to ensure everyone’s voice is heard when it comes to concerns and issues.

Task Force Operations Officer

The position of Task Force Operations Officer is currently vacant and we are actively seeking to fill this position.

Duties:  Assists in managing day-to-day operations of the Task Force including database, website, and community operations.

Task Force Training Officer

About the Department

The Training Department will be responsible for setting up resources for new members of the organization to become acquainted with us, the use of Nova, and writing in general.  While the current focus of the department will to be a guide for new members who’ve never used NOVA before to get their feet wet within our sims they will expand into the other avenues including the beginning of Task Force Mentors who will volunteer to be assigned new members to help them become acclimated to the group.  The current Task Force Training Officer is Reade a long time SPC Simms member using the character CDR Decan.

Message from CDR Decan

As the newly appointed Task Force Training Officer my first task will be compiling a How-To guide for first time NOVA users, as well as several other training aids to help the community in any way.

If you have any ideas for content you’d like or could benefit from don’t be afraid to email me at or ping me on Discord my name is Reade.
Looking forward to building on our existing community with you guys.

Task Force Public Affairs Officer

The Task Force Public Affairs Officer will be a crucial role that we hope to fill in the coming month the position is described as: Assists in recruitment operations, member retention, and social media management.

Please make sure that you visit, like, and share our Facebook page.

Notable Sim

I would like to take some time to congratulate Captain Sarah Keene and the crew of Ethelred on a fantastic start to not only a new sim but a sim that is a new genre and medium to the Task Force. Ethelred is active daily with multiple writers who when they aren’t writing are having fun just chatting with each other and really show how motivated and proud they are to be part of such a great group.  Ethelred makes me proud to host them as a member sim of Task Force 39 and I can’t wait to see how the sim will continue to grow and develop.

Congratulations Vinnie (Sarah) and crew!

Special Thanks

I would like to place a special thanks to Kristen for taking the time to create all of the new sim banners for Task Force 39. Kristen has been the driving force in making SPC Simms and Task Force 39 pretty for going on three years now and she really deserves the thanks of all of our members.  So next time you see Kristen on Discord please give her a quick thank you and show her we appreciate all her hard work.


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