New Sim, New TFCO Character

Hello everyone a couple of exciting updates!

First I would like to welcome a brand new Commanding Officer to Task Force 39 in Task Group Echo. Kai, our new CO, will be launching the Galaxy Class USS Ulysses using the character Captain Colby Drayton. Kai is a long time member of the sim community and will bring some good experience to the Task Force as a CO.

In other news, I will be launching a new Task Force Commander character, Vice Admiral Amy Ganz. I will be retiring my long time admiralty character VADM Brianna Avery from service, but don’t worry, we’ll still hear from her from time to time. In character, VADM Avery is being sent to Starfleet Headquarters as Director of Starfleet Personnel with a promotion to Admiral. Vice Admiral Ganz will be coming from Starfleet Academy, as it’s commandant, to assume command of Task Force 39. Prior to the Academy VADM Ganz served as a Task Force Commander elsewhere and has plenty of experience in the field.  Check out the soon to be launched Task Force 39 Headquarters Fiction for more information!

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