May’s Task Force Address

t’s been a quiet couple of months here at Task Force 39 but that doesn’t mean plenty of things haven’t happened. We have consolidated a couple of sims successfully for what I think will lead to better growth and activity within our flagship and Task Force canon. We have posted some advertisement for our sims and open Task Force Staff positions.  We have accepted a brand new sim, the USS Ulysses, to the Task Force under its own plot that will hopefully grow to a complete Task Group.

In addition, we have launched the official Task Force 39 Headquarters fiction which will generate canon for the entire Task Force.

Training Officer’s Report

I have started a very rough outline of a “Using Nova” Guide. If anyone has questions about using nova, please email them to and I can include those in the guide.
–CDR Iari Eolical

From Kepler Station

Kepler has not had a lot of activity this last month, mainly due to a stall in the plot line. A new post went up Friday evening with the intention of revving up the writing engines. We’re beyond ready to move to the final phase of mission one with a training scenario that does not go as planned. Systems are down and it’s time for repairs and investigations of what went wrong.
– CAPT Kaui Flowers

Task Force Commander’s Plan

My plans for the rest of May and moving into the start of the summer include continuing recruitment efforts for Task Force Staff and Commanding Officers.  I would also like, through new COs, to grow Task Group Echo to be tasked it’s very own plot and open a third generalized Task Group in its place. We ask that all members please take a look at our Task Force Staff needs and see what help you could provide, share us with friends, and be active in our community.
– VADM Amy Ganz

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