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May’s Task Force Address

t’s been a quiet couple of months here at Task Force 39 but that doesn’t mean plenty of things haven’t happened. We have consolidated a couple of sims successfully for what I think will lead to better growth and…

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Sim Consolidation

The decision has been made to consolidate a few our sims into a single crew.  Starbase 65 has had a three-year tenure within SPC Simms and Task Force 39 and at the conclusion of this mission the station…

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First Monthly Address

Thanks for taking the time to look at the very first monthly address to the Task Force from the Command and Staff. Things have been developing slowly since we made the transition from SPC Simms to Task Force…

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Task Groups & Staff

Good morning everyone, Just wanted you to know that I’ve done some rearranging of the Task Groups and that three now exist: Task Group Alpha – Horuuilis Expanse Units (2394) Task Group Echo – Non-Horuuilis Units (2394) Task…

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Public Affairs Officer

I would like to announce that I have appointed a Task Force Public Affairs Officer!  Lola, using the character Commander Anda Sh’Varek, will be taking on this role. Lola is the leader of a former affiliate (Revolution Fleet)…

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Sim URL Updates

Starting over the next week or so website URLs for sims hosted on a spcsimms.net URL will be converted to a taskforce39.com web address as well as the Nova email address being updated.  An announcement will be made giving notice…

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