Command & Staff Positions

Task Force Command

Task Force Commanding Officer – The Task Force Commander (TFCO) is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the entire Task Force. It is the responsibility of the TFCO to maintain all Task Force Services, appoint and manage command and staff members, and coordinate the successful operations of the group.

Task Force Command Master Chief – The Command Master Chief (TFCMC) is the chief advisor to the TFCO on all matters of morale and welfare of the Task Force. The CMC is responsible for assisting in developing all rules and policies within the task force and advising the command and staff on all matters. The CMC shall maintain an open door policy with all members of the group to ensure everyone’s voice is heard when it comes to concerns and issues.

Task Group Commanding Officer – As the most senior commanding officer in a Task Group, this officer serves as a liaison between the COs of the group and the Task Force commander. TGCOs are assigned to be the mentors of the Commanding Officers within their groups and are responsible for facilitating Task Force services on behalf of the TFCO.

Commanding Officer –  The Commanding Officer is perhaps the most important member of the Task Force Command and Staff.  These officers serve as game masters over individual sims and facilitate our various writing opportunities within the group.

Task Force Staff

Chief of Staff –  Serves as the leader of the Task Force Staff and fills in for vacant staff positions or for officers during leaves of absence. Fulfills other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Task Force Commander.  Serves as de facto Task Force Executive Officer and second in command.

Operations Officer –  Assists in managing day-to-day operations of the Task Force including database, website, and community operations.

Training Officer –  Assists in the development and management of Task Force 39s voluntary training program to mentor new members, writers, and commanding officers.

Public Affairs Officer –  Assists in recruitment operations, member retention, and social media management.

Support Staff

Mentor – Mentors will be approved by the Task Force Training Officer to mentor new members of the task force in areas from character creation to specific department operations.

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