USCSS Ethelred

The UCSS Ethelred is a Lockheed CH-21 Liberty M-Class Cargo Hauler under the employ of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, also known as the “Company”. It’s a larger class of spaceship compared to the Lockmart CM-88B Bison, and a completely different variant of the interstellar cruiser and deep space cargo transport.

This is where our story begins and where we meet the characters that will help to shape it. The year is 2122 and the Ethelred is en-route to the colony world of LV-513, also known as Haven. The ship–a 10-year old cargo hauler–is delivering provisions, supplies, equipment, and other cargo to help improve conditions for a colony struggling to thrive on an alien planet located just beyond the outer rim. Specifics of our mission haven’t yet been divulged but will be made clear once the crew wakes from hypersleep.

The crew isn’t large, but many of them have known one another for years. Those new to the Ethelred are tolerated, yet treated as outsiders while familiar faces offer comfort and serve as an anchor for those who have made a life out among the stars.

Our story, such as it is, runs parallel to that of the UCSS Nostromo; we do not know of its current trials or tribulations, nor the fate of its doomed crew.

The Ethelred is play by Discord (live chat) and can be accessed by joining its official discord server:

USCSS Ethelred

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