General Conduct

  • Task Force 39 is a friendly and safe community for all of its members, as such, we do not tolerate harassive, abusive, or discriminatory behavior. We work to provide a safe environment for users of all backgrounds. Racism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, ableism and prejudice-based behavior is not acceptable nor welcome.
  • Task Force 39’s community is open to anyone aged eighteen years of age or older.

User Accounts

  • All members are encouraged to have a user account on the TF39 website/forums
  • All members serving on the Task Force Command and Staff or as a Commanding Officer are required to have an account.
  • Members who are issued an award, special qualification, or rank requiring approval of Task Force Command shall be issued an account by Task Force Command if they do not already have one.  This allows all of these items to be appropriately tracked.
  • Members may only have one account and should use a single email address Task Force wide if possible.

General Operations/Misc Policy

  • Appointments and removals from the Command and Staff, as well as Commanding Officers, falls at the discretion of the Task Force Commander.
  • Members of the Command and Staff and Commanding Officers may appoint any member of their department/unit to the pay grade of one below theirs but not to exceed O-5. Any rank appointments that equal the CO’s pay grade or exceed O-5 must be approved by the Task Force Commander.

Command & Staff

  • Command and Staff are expected to check their issued email and at least acknowledge requests or emails from members at least once per 48 hours.
  • Command and Staff are required to post LOA notices on the Discord #loa room.
  • Command and staff shall be issued a TF39 email address and are required to use it for all official TF39 business.

Commanding Officers

  • Commanding Officers are subject to a ninety day probationary period upon appointment.
  • All post-nemesis era Star Trek sims are required to follow Task Force 39 canon.

Federation Marine Corps.

  • The United Federation of Planets of Marine Corps is a sub-department within Starfleet and as such will function as a Department within Starfleet.  The Marine Corps will only hold personnel for Marine related duties and shall not hold duties such as:  Medical Officer, Counselor, Shipboard Operational Roles (Command, Helm).  The Marines may hold fighter pilot and auxiliary craft roles in marine-based units only and shall not be combined.
  • Commanding Officers may elect to have Marine Corps units aboard their ship or base as allowed by class and mission profile.
  • Units following Task Force 39 canon must receive official unit designation from Task Force Command for canon continuity purposes.  (IE:  All Task Force 39 units will be from the same Division/Brigade, etc.)  This includes temporary units.
  • Marine Corps unit COs may hold up to the pay grade of O-5 and equal the attached unit’s COs rank. Promotions beyond O-5 will require Task Force Command approval.

Creative Content

  • Content created to be exclusively used throughout the Task Force will become the property of the Task Force.
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